Monday, January 22, 2018

Swapnapuri Bangladesh of dreams

We all have small and large intentions to see the elves. But the dream of fairy is the dream of the whole life. That dream will be filled in some way to visit Sanknapur in Dinajpur.In order to welcome you to Swapnipuri entrance, two large-sized fairy trees are ready and one-hatta is ready to be ready. The gate will be seen on both sides of the path. Rows of fir trees and rows of coconut trees.


The most amazing artificial travel spot in North Bengal is the Swapnipuri. Which has attracted the attention of visitors from abroad, tourists, playwright, filmmakers. Sapnapuri is located in Aftabganj of Nawabganj upazila, 52 km south of Dinajpur city. A total of 100 acres of land has been developed on the whole individual initiative, with the aesthetic beauty of the entertainment world Sapnapuri.


Artificial lake, hills, gardens, diverse variety of trees, flowers and flowers are in Swapnipuri. There are more zoos, horse chariots, Honsraj Sampan, Speed ​​board, Shalbagan, Kholamanch, Namazghar. You will be seen suddenly in the city of Rabindranath Tagore, rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam or the peasant peasants sitting on neck. But not in reality, all of them are stone sculptures. There are women standing alone, young people sitting on their heads or big bumps.



Swapnipuri has artificial fountain. Falling water from the fountain falls into a small pond. There are 2,500 square feet wide area of ​​Bangladesh, which is well-prepared with brick-cement. There will also be an artificial animal world. Two dragons in the entrance are ready to give a welcome address. The wall is made of lime-stocking on the walls of wild animals. Then a couple of steps will be shocked, one can see the one and the knees in the front! The main artificial animal has to reach the world through the mouth of this nostradam.

There are also restaurants for snack shopping, snacks for shopping. To help with cooking, all types of furnishings, pots, chairs, tables, and decorations are rented. Here the visitors who come to the Banquet basically use these fare. In Sapnpuri there are children for children, there are swimming and chawki arrangements. You can also take a horse and ride in a horse carriage. The horse carriage has a lovely colorful umbrella on top, which will move along. There are more arrangements for trains and roopways. If you wish, you can spend a few days happily with family and friends in Swapnipuri. For this, there are five beautiful bungalows named Nishipkam, Nilapri, Shamdhata, Raznigandhha Mathola and VIP Kung. These bungalows are rented for the retirement of visitors.


How to go: Go to Nawabganj or Phulbari on the bus from Dhaka capital Dhaka and go to Sawnpuri. You can also go from Dinajpur. The intercity train goes to the Teesta Express at Phulbari or Parbatipur railway junction and goes to auto ricksh.

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